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The Zoll AED Pro, manufactured by ZOLL Medical, is considered to be the best of rugged, versatile and reliable. Built to be portage and powerful with one of the highest IP ratings of IP55, it can handle harsh environments.

The AED Pro can be used with the Zoll CPR-d Pads for CPR feedback, as well as the standard two-piece Stat-Padz IIs.

With the High-Resolution LCD display, the responder can monitor a patient’s 3 lead ECG and display on the screen. When using the attached 3 lead cable, responders can use lead 2 monitoring. The Zoll Pro offers many advanced features, one of which is Real CPR Feedback. This allows the person using the AED to perform the most accurate CPR by the machine telling you to go faster or even push harder, a feature unique to Zoll AEDs. The Zoll Pro is excellent for the professional rescue workers with the option to operate in manual mode which can use an override function to deliver therapy when appropriate by the user.

Another key and unique feature of the Zoll Pro is the See-Thru CPR ability. This allows rescuers to perform continuous CPR as well as at the same time view the patient's ECG rhythm without the artifact noise caused by CPR. This is important because efficient CPR without interruption combined with the use of the AED provides the best chance of survival for someone experiencing Sudden Cardiac Arrest. After use, the data can be downloaded easily from the AED Pro and used to interpret the previous cardiac event. This is made easy thank you to Zoll’s free RescueNet software.

The Specs

 Size (with case):
3” H x 9.2” W x 9.4” D”


Operating temperature: 0 to 50°C

Storage temperature: -30 to 70°C

Battery type:
Disposable Zoll battery

LCD, 2.27” H x 3.02” W

Where do you get one?
The ZOLL AED PRO is available for purchase through Aim For Life (as well as the Zoll 3 & Zoll Plus).

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